Saturday, November 2, 2019

International Security Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

International Security - Essay Example The conflict between Israel and Palestine is mainly facilitated by the religious disparity seen in the region with the Palestine being Arabs and the Israeli people being Jewish Christians. This essay will look at the international security situation in Israel while referring to the information from the various wars and conflicts between the country and other nations, the internal conflicts that have lasted for years and the role played by various countries in either assisting or resisting its attacks on other countries (Slater, 2006). Israel has been in conflict with Egypt, Jordan and also with Palestine with the peace talks and reconciliation process yielding little despite the effort that has been put by the international bodies to end the conflicts. The conflicts have been due to border issues and the control of fertile areas, the failure to recognize some people and regions and the control of Jerusalem and certain Israeli settlements. One of the most enduring conflicts in the history of Israel is the one with Palestine. This can be dated back to about one hundred years ago with the same arising from the right to own the land between the Eastern Shores of the Mediterranean Sea and the River Jordan. The Palestinians who are few and less armed when it comes to military empowerment have witnessed about one hundred years of suppression and occupation of the land which they considered as theirs by the Israelis. The suffering and loss that has been caused by the occupation of the land has led to their fight to be recognized as a state with their struggles having little fruits to be seen. The Jews on the other hand refer to the land they have been fighting for as the land of their fore fathers and so it is their rightful inheritance that should be given to them without much fighting or conflict. Having a two state solution has been one of the options that has been proposed to

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