Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Binary Oppisition Essay - 1035 Words

Binary Opposition In Greek tragedy there are many themes that are contrasted with each other. This is known as binary opposition, which s defined as a contrast of themes that are the opposite poles of each other. There are many conflicts in Euripides’ Medea and Bacchae: perhaps the three most conspicuous oppositions are rational versus irrational, foreigner versus natives, and stereotypical dichotomy of female and male. The first binary opposite in Euripides plays are rational versus irrational thinking, his characters are changing constantly within the plays; there are a couple of characters that stays in a rational thinking which they do not favor any side of the conflict. In Medea, Euripides showed rational thinking through the†¦show more content†¦As they were on their way to worship Dionysus they see Pentheus and stopped to talk with him (212). Pentheus started to speak about how he was out of the city and heard rumors of the women leaving their homes and rather engage in â€Å"c ult gathering and each lady is slinks off in a different direction† (216-225). He speaks about how â€Å"[Semele] lied about her union with Zeus† and that he is not a god (244). But Tiresias replies back to Pentheus that â€Å"[w]henever a wise man sets out to argue an honest case it’s no great undertaking to argue well† (266-67). Tiresias also states that Pentheus â€Å"rejoice whenever crowds gather at the palace gates and the city glorifies [your] name†¦ Dionysus too, †¦ takes delight in receiving [the same] honor† (319-21). In the mean time Cadmus also explains that â€Å"[e]ven if the god does not exist, as you claim, let him be considered a god in your eyes. Lies for good cause†¦ In this way [Semele] might seem to have given birth to a god and honor might accrue to our entire family† (332-36). Equally important, that Pentheus and Dionysus constantly change from rational to irrational thinking throughout the play. Pentheus thinks irrationally about what the women behavior is while they are in the mountains (354). He believes that the women are in acts of lust with â€Å"Aphrodite’s pleasure† (225). As for Dionysus irrational thinking is when he punishes his family for their hybris acts towards him (1347). Although there is a rational and irrational

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