Friday, October 11, 2019

Brand Personality Framework Essay

Sincerity: Sincerity brands are those which makes caring image towards customers by showing honesty, wholesome and Cheer. Examples: Dalda is comes under sincerity category because the positioning statement (JAHA MAMTA WAHA DALDA) shows the sincerity towards customers and culture. Cadbury dairy milk is also the good example of sincerity because they are positioning themselves as â€Å"Toh phir kuch meetha ho jaye† which shows that it is used on the occasions of happiness and also shows sincerity and respect toward customers. There customers are kind and family-oriented. Excitement: These type of products promote daring, imaginative and adventurous environment and target people which are experiencers. Examples: Mountain dew and Marlboro cigarettes create daring and adventurous environment in their ads and usually target young people who are experiencers. They show the different style in their ads which are apart from regular drinks and regular cigarette brands. There customers are care free, youthful and spirited in nature. Competence: These brands are famous and successful in market. These products attract customers because they are reliable and intelligent. Examples: Most of the Sony customers are loyal and not ready to shift to other brands. Same case is for Lipton, many people have tradition of drinking Lipton tea because their ancestors also drink this also. Sony and Lipton, these types of brands have loyal customers and are successful and reliable in market. Sophistication: Sophisticated brands are those brands which targets upper class and have charming look. They promote executives and decent style. Example: Mercedes and Rolex both brands have similar image in customer’s mind, both offer luxury and charm. These both brands target upper class and their advertisements are not for everyone, there advertisements are very rare and in some specific regions.Their customers are elegant, prestigious and pretentious in nature. Ruggedness: In this category tough and outdoor products comes which have long durability and strong nature. These are usually outdoor products which can be used in travelling and have long life. Examples: Hummer and woodland both targets the people with tough personalities who likes to travel and hike and prefer adventure in their lives. They both gives strong durable quality products to survive the ridged and tough areas in travelling like in villages and hilly areas. Their customers are outdoor loving, loves travelling and have athletic behavior.

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