Sunday, October 6, 2019

Privacy Rights in Domestic Relations Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Privacy Rights in Domestic Relations - Case Study Example According to some, the case was decided fairly, and within the boundaries of constitutionality and fairness. However, to others, it was a monstrous atrocity committed in the name of upholding the constitution. Much of this opposition came from the pro-lifers who saw this as a reaffirmation of a law that promoted what was tantamount to mass murder in their eyes. The laws were seen by â€Å"Pro-choicers† as a burden to women and aimed at creating restrictions, which resulted in the embarrassment that would eventually force women to carry the unwanted pregnancy to term. The case is significant in helping to show that the abortion law in America contrary to popular belief is more of constitutional than family law. This is underscored in that the only clause that was struck out from the five was the one requiring a woman to show evidence of her husband’s acquiescence to the operation. This was done on the basis that it occasions an undue burden on the woman, and may interfer e with the woman’s freedom to have an abortion (, n.d.). In this case, the issue of privacy is unequivocally relevant since those who had brought it forward wanted women to be able to have abortions on the strength of their own convictions, without being forced to consult their spouses of parents. Prior to the ruling, a married woman could not have simply had an abortion without her husband’s concept. Yet the fetus was in her and any health implications would be on her besides, a pregnancy will interfere with the woman’s life more than the man’s (Lloyd, 2011). Furthermore, the child might not be the husbands hence the need for an abortion. The disclosure would have traumatized the woman, and she may have carried the pregnancy to term rather than own up. The same case applied to minors having to seek permission from their parents. This amounts to an invasion of their privacy since if a girl has problems communicating with her parents, she may end up keeping the pregnancy until it was too late out of fear. Had I been a j udge in the trial, I would have struck down all the five requirements because abortion is allowed; there is no reason for it to be made harder for women than it has to be.  

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