Thursday, October 3, 2019

Three Scenarios Essay Example for Free

Three Scenarios Essay In a particular art industry there are clients that insist to the company to use artworks even though the company does not have the license to use the designs requested by the customers. The client’s demands that the images concerned are to be used. This is about work ethics on copyright issues; theoretically the company is not accountable for the content of the standard design, it is the client’s responsibility. In such situations and argument that would occur between the client and the company it is best to discuss the meaning of copyright because not all people have the idea about copyright. Other employees can walk away from the job but as an employee with work ethics the problem should be solved in a manner that no harm will happen for the company and the client. Misunderstanding about certain facts and issues are sometimes just the root of losing ethics in the industry.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   As an employee of a certain company you have a long term client, wherein the client’s business is so familiar to the company, one day the the client has approached the employee and ask if he could render service on them using the experience that the employee has gained from they company wherein he is presently working this is an option for the employee if e will accept the offer. But this is a representation for such conflict of interest that would affect the company that has trained and trusted the employee, this will affect the company and it should have preparations if such things happen o its employee.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   An employee comes to work always late until such time that it was noticed by the human resource officer and warn the employee that if he continue such work ethics he will be receiving a warning for dismissal, but it was again repeated by the employee and after that he received a letter of termination from the company. This is a wrong ethics from the employer for they had violated the rule they have given for every employee. Each employee has equal right to be given fair treatment for such codes or rules implemented by the company.

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