Monday, September 16, 2019

Family and Tough Times

1. Why are communities important to families during tough times? Communities are important because as a whole they help each other out through bad times, & look out for one another kind of like a family. They are almost like a support group who try to help you the best way that they can whether it’s giving or selling inexpensive items – cooking a free meal, etc. 2. How can parents help children understand the changes that families experience during tough times?Explaining the situation is a start , telling your child a positive such as we will be able to spend more time together is one , & just reiterating that we won’t be able to spend a lot of money & the more we can get for less the better. Although, stating that this is not their fault & reassuring them that everything will be okay. 3. How can losing a job or having a change in the economic status of the family affect a parent? A lot, not only just income but it could take a toll on the family’s mood. T his also could cut back on a lot of going on out which means more staying at home.Also, struggling to pay bills & feed your family, the stress of it all. 4. Can positive aspects come out of tough times for families? Why or why not? Yes, it can show families how to be there for each other through rough times & how to grow closer. 5. What do you think the families in the video are doing well in terms of dealing with tough times? They are pointing out the positives & finding solutions to accommodate such a drastic change. 6. What do you think you would do as a parent if you were faced with one of the situations presented in the video? I would try to keep positive too & just try to find a solution till I got back on my feet.

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