Saturday, September 21, 2019

The method to obtain my information Essay Example for Free

The method to obtain my information Essay The Aim of my study is to look into parents and childrens views on the eleven plus examination. I want to find out if the eleven plus has a negative effect on children which may effect them throughout their lives. I want to look at the effects of the elevn plus on a childs, self esteem, confidence, self perception and motivation to succeed. I am hoping for clear evidence from my questionnaires that will show a clear pattern, either that the examination is effecting children in these areas or not and also what groups of children it effects. My research question is what damage does the eleven plus examination have on children and should the examination be abolished? I have desided to use the questioonaire method to obtain my information. I feel that a questionnaire is the best method of research for this particular topic as I will need information from a large sample group and from different settings. A questionnaire is a quick and efficient method to obtain data however the response rate from a questionnaire may not always be high. I will be giving out double the number of questionnaires that I need to allow for people not completing the questionnaire properly, losing the questionnaire or not handing the completed questionnaire back in time. The particular issue that I have chosen is a very contriversal issue which is an advantage as parents in particular feel very strongly about the issue due to on going talks in education settings and in the media, this makes parents want to voice their opnions as it involves their childrens education and future. The eleven plus is a very talked about topic however it is an extremely sensitive issue that needs to be handled with care especially with young children. I went through various drafts of questionnaires before I had my final draft. I had to make sure that none of the questions would offend a child in any way or that a question would suggest that a child should feel a certain way. An example of a question that may upset a child would be. Do you feel that you are a failure because you failed the eleven plus?. This question could not be used, however I do want to get results from my questionnaire that may answer questions like that.

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