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Views on Just War Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Views on Just War - Essay Example There were a variety of reasons as to why war can occur, and this may involve personal or judicial reasons. The reasons as to coming up with war need further justification as to its reasons, and goals. The majority root for all the debates is that these reasons must coincide and fit with the nature of war. However, one seemingly ideal question that needs focus is the existence of just war itself. The World War 2 is a definite example to examine and justify the existence of just war. World War 2 The World War 2 began on September 1, 1939, and it lasted for six years. This war was known to be one of the most dreadful wars the world has ever known. The war sparked when Germany took hold of Poland without permission. This then motivated Britain and France to join the war and fight against Germany. Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and South Africa later joined the war within a week from the start of war (World War, n.d.). The causes of World War 2 in summary started when Germany took over Poland. However, there were underlying reasons before it came to the point where Germany invaded Poland. The known underlying causes of World War 2 were â€Å"Treaty of Versailles, Hitler’s Actions, Failure of Appeasement, and Failure of the League of Nations† (History On the, 2011). The â€Å"Treaty of Versailles was about the deals that were discussed as to how Germany should be held liable for World War 1† peace (History On the, 2011). The deals were not served as fair and just for the Germans, and they had Adolf Hitler to fight for their rights. â€Å"Adolf Hitler’s actions† particularly invading countries and not keeping his word with regard to peace and integrity made its way to becoming one of the complex reasons of war. The â€Å"failure of appeasement† was about deals that failed to provide the demands of Germans considering that Adolf Hitler’s actions were acceptable. â€Å"Failure of the Leagues of Na tions† was about the failure of the League, and the member countries to enhance world peace (History On the, 2011). These then were the basis as to how World War 2 was born, and a few of the many justifications that World War 2 was in fact, a just war due to the policies and logical reasons involved. Laws on War: Jus ad Bellum The laws on war are primarily focused on justifying the validity of war or the existence of a just war. â€Å"Jus ad bellum† is a title that provides and considers the legitimacy of a war or how far would a war be considered just. This originated from the â€Å"Charter of the United Nations† under article 2. This article states the involvement of states that use force to gain control and personal interest (Nabulsi, n.d.). The 6 Categories of Just War under Jus ad bellum The justification on the legitimacy of just war should fit on the 6 categories of the jus ad bellum to be able to declare a war that is just or acceptable. Below are the categories and there association to World War 2 justification, and existence of just war. A war must have a valid cause. One of the many examples would be â€Å"defence of others from aggressive attack† (Lacewing, n.d.). The World War 2 was highlighted primarily because of the defense of other countries to Poland when Germany took over them. This was unannounced, and several innocent lives were sacrificed. A war must have the â€Å"

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