Sunday, September 8, 2019

Learning Applications Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Learning Applications - Essay Example Numerous studies have shown that superior service will always beat the cost of fees or price. Human resource strategy- focuses on the training of the workers who directly interact with customers, specifically the tellers and shift supervisors. The main intent of this topic is to train an individual on personal management thereby applying the same to the employees. Effective human resources management often creates good work environment and satisfied employees thereby making them productive and enthusiastic (Evans and Lindsay, 2008). Finally, underpinning the basis of Strategic Human Resource Management (‘SHRM’ from hereon after) is a fascinating topic. The elements of this topic are vital to competitive advantage and vertical alignment trainings (Evans and Lindsay, 2008). It involves the alignment of human resource strategy with business strategy and horizontal alignment needs to be adapted. This will help in encompasses the individual HR strategies and practices being mutually supported. The courses primarily aimed at training individuals on efficient and effective management skills that are applicable to both the labour and the customers (Stewart and Brown, 2012). Unfair treatment of Employees usually leads to poor delivery thereby leading to poor service that affects customers’ relationship with business. However, industries without partnership often disregard employees especially the banking industry (Evans and Lindsay, 2008). This would allow companies to be  competitive since there would be lower input costs (labour equals input). In addition, management would be quick to adopt technology towards cost cutting thereby increasing productivity. According to the course, it is apparent that the free labour resources are significant resources in all sectors of the economy (Stewart and Brown, 2012). This always happens to some extent; however, they tend to be

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