Thursday, July 25, 2019

Community Emergency Preparedness and Response Oral Presentation Research Paper

Community Emergency Preparedness and Response Oral Presentation - Research Paper Example The five boroughs make up the counties. The Staten Island is in Richmond County, Brooklyn is in the King County, the Bronx is in the Bronx County. The Queens is found in Queens County and Manahattan, New York County. In 1898, the five boroughs were merged to form a single city. In area,Queens is the largest County, because it holds 108 square miles,while Brooklyn has the highest population containing 2.3 million residents as estimated by the census conducted in 1990. The 2012 census in New York estimated the population to be 8,33697 within an area of 783.8 square kilo meters. New York City is referred to the most diverse city in terms of linguistics because residents there speak over 800 different languages. The Metropolitan Area, in New York City is the most populated in The United States, with 18.9 million residents occupying an area of 17,1400 square kilo meters (Carroll, 2012). See the illustration below Retrieved on March 26, 2013, from, http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ances Population New York is the third greatest state in population. California and Texas take first and second place respectively. As portrayed by the 2010 census, the population of New York residents was at 19,378,102, an aggrandizement of more than 400,000 people. The 2000-2006 transition in population was as a result of natural causes such as birth and death. During that period, the total population was 601,779 persons in that; the number of births which was 1,576,125 deduct the number of deaths which was 974,346 less the residents migrating who added up to 422,481 persons. Retrieved on March 26, 2013, from, Geographic New York City is situated at the meeting point of the Atlantic Ocean and River Hudson, South East of The State Of New York. The city is surrounded by three islands, Staten Island, Manhattan And Wester n Long Island. This is the reason why the city is densely populated due to the scarcity of land. River Hudson flows the Hudson Valley and enters New York Bay, resulting to a tidal bay, demarcating Northern New Jersey from Manahattan and Bronx. Harlem River, is another tidal anchorage, separating the Bronx from Manhattan. The New York City counties sprawl between two Eastern North American provinces bordering each other. Long Island, the location of Queens and Brooklyn are constituted in the plains of East Coast. Long Island, a huge ridge was formed at the Southern Borderline of the Laurentide Ice Sheet in the last glacial period. Newark Basin is an incrustation of the earth that subsided during the decomposition of the Supercontinent Pangaea in the Triassic period. The area which New York City occupies is approximated to be 831.4 square kilometers. Be that as it may, an estimation done more recently states that the area is now at 784.4 square kilometers. Todt Hill is said to be the most apical natural point situated on Staten Island at 124.9 meters above sea level. Retrieved on March 26, 2013, from, Physical Features The City Of New York has many physical features including The Broklyn Bridge, a historical landmark which has an earth bound footer and a bicycle alley set above the avenues of traffic. The bridge is used by residents and tourists to cross from one view point on the river to the other.

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