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Reading and Writing Skills Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Reading and Writing Skills - Essay Example The book "Rereading America† was very helpful to me. The essay â€Å"Learning to read† by Malcolm X was very inspiring. Malcolm X explained how he learned to read despite the challenging conditions he faced in life. I liked the way he struggled to learn how to read and write. He claimed, â€Å"I had commanded attention when I said something. But now, trying to write simple English, I not only wasn’t articulate, I wasn’t even functional†.His struggle in jail as he tried to learn how to read and write was a great challenge to me. At least, I had helpful and understanding lecturers, friends, as well as useful reading and writing materials. At first, he started by copying everything in the first page of the book he got into his tablet, including the punctuation marks. He went on copying the contents of the dictionary in his tablet, and after some time, he started making meaningful progress. He claimed that after so much practice in writing, he gained up writing speed. I have copied the same idea and I write a lot to improve my writing skills. I believe that I have learned a lot of writing skills. The only challenging part is that I have not yet gained the full understanding of all the vocabulary in the English world. I still need more work to understand the underlying meanings of some of the complicated words. The essay by Jonathan Kozol â€Å"Still ‘separate, still unequal† was the most challenging piece of reading, yet most educative.... The essay by Jonathan Kozol â€Å"Still ‘separate, still unequal† was the most challenging piece of reading, yet most educative. It is undeniable that Kozol gave an extensive research on the status of education in America by exploring the different society issues which affect the education system. Most of his facts in the essay were illustrated with statistical figures. I learned that in order to make a strong point and to be convictive to the readers, facts represented using statistical figures could be very efficient. It is true that the education system in America is changing for the better, but for the times of Kozol, things were out of proportion. He claimed, â€Å"Even these statistics, as stark as they are, cannot begin to convey how deeply isolated children in the poorest and most segregated sections of these cities have become† (Colombo, Cullen & Lisle, 2010, p. 219). The piece of work really developed the title of his work. Indeed, he presented the image of the society just the way it was. Racial segregation and discrimination were the most difficult society issues at the time. Perhaps, the same still remains in some regions. The most luxurious privatized learning institutions serve the whites, whereas the low-end learning institutions serve the less privileged black Americans in the American society. Although the learning environments may be different, I have learned from Malcolm X that determination is what matters most. It is possible to go to privatized luxurious institution and fail or attend a low-class learning institution and become successful depending on your attitude, focus, and commitment to education. I read this essay several times and I feel that it

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