Monday, July 22, 2019

Technology Making Our Lives Easier Essay Example for Free

Technology Making Our Lives Easier Essay As we are raised in a society where everything is simply handed to us, we tend to take many things for granted that others in the world do not have. Things like GPS, phones, credit cards, cameras, and insulin pumps help us live a qualitative and productive life and NASA has played a very key role in developing many technologies like these. From invisible braces to long-distance communication devices, NASA has brought up inventions that we consistently use every day in our lives. A device that many people in the world rely on everyday and something that has made a huge difference in peoples lives is the water filtration system(s). NASA first made it to be used on the space station or in a spacecraft, and since then the water filtration system is a must-have in any place in the world. NASA showed amazing ingenuity to control bacterial contamination in space, and because of that, we have learned how to control pollutants in water here on earth. We see water filtration systems more than we think, and it allows us to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Whether its through swimming pools or manufacturing processes, the water filtration systems affects our lives every day in a positive way. There are many different types of water filters and you can classify them by the way they work, but they all need to do one job and thats effectively filter and purify water. One type of a water filtration system is the reverse osmosis, which is the process of removing dissolved inorganic solids out of a solution (water). This type of system involves using many different filters and membranes in order to purify and improve the drinking quality of water. There are also ultraviolet systems which do a remarkable job at disinfecting water. Ultraviolet systems can destroy 99. 99% of harmful microorganisms in the water very effectively and they do this by using a lamp or bulb which emits UV light which is then used as energy to attack the microorganism in the water and essentially destroy it, thus making the water free of future bacteria. There are many other type of systems like the Carefree Clearwater systems (which are based on NASAS late 1900s technology) which are not only used for drinking water in the home, but also for pool and shower water. These type of large-scale systems clean the water in a pool or hot-tub by using the same type of strategy as the UV systems. They release ions like copper and silver to destroy bacteria and algae in the system. These type of systems would work better than cleaning with chlorine because they have less nwanted side effects like burning eyes and bleached skin or hair (due to the copper and silver ions not dissipating from heat and sunlight, unlike chlorine) and they are more stable and productive to work with. Water filtration systems affect our lives everyday throughout everything we do. Without them, clean and purified water would be difficult to come across, and civilization would eventually come to a halt. Whether its the water that we drink or the pool that we love to sw im in, systems like the reverse osmosis and the Carefree Clearwater are at work and doing an incredible job in order to make our daily lives healthy and enjoyable.

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