Sunday, July 28, 2019

WRITE A REPORT in which you investigate the planning and control Essay

WRITE A REPORT in which you investigate the planning and control processes, and evaluate the supply chains including MRP and JIT systems in relation to Morrison - Essay Example The main purpose of supply chain management is to enhance quality and pace of all activities throughout the supply chain, so that products and services are supplied in the right quantity, to the right location, at the right time. Actually it is the series of links and shared processes between suppliers and customers. The links and processes cover all the activities from the purchasing raw materials to the delivery of final product. The whole process of supply chain as depicted above is controlled by a chain of command to facilitate best and profitable end product. The importance of planning and control of supply chain can not be denied. It plays a vital role in effective management of mass production factory. The complications allied with manufacturing systems value chains have not been resolved yet. It is because of the fact that the value chain may consist of many suppliers located in various areas. There are certain methods used by supervisor on plant floor to coordinate the processes in supply chain. One person dominated supervision: In this method one person takes direct responsibility of whole floor and control and monitors every move on the floor. This method is not considered very effective as it has its own pitfalls. Interdependent Supervision: In this method many person are involved in supervising and monitoring process by openly communicating and advising each other on a floor of plant. This method is considered more flexible and adaptable. Systemization: In this method a sophisticated system is evolved and every worker is assigned the job individually or in-group. Although this is a good method but it is only useful in automated plants. There are various other methods used to control the day to day performance on the floor of plant. But the methods mentioned above are more common. Traditionally most manufacturing control was done using reorder-point/reorder-quantity methods

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