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Ball Playing Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Ball Playing - Research Paper Example Girls usually played at home, in a room or in an inner courtyard. Therefore, they had to play rather calmly. Boys played ball sports as part of their physical education in the gymnasium. The most popular kind of ball was a soft, filled, small ball but also bouncing balls existed. In ancient Rome, several obscure references exist that suggest children and adults played a game with a ball around a circle. Furthermore, there are mentions of Romans playing a ball game in which there were â€Å"a circle of players standing by and waiting.† Greek children played a game in a circle in which they caught a ball that was thrown or bounced â€Å"into the sky†. This may or may not have been the same game called â€Å"Hop-ball† by the Romans. It may also be one of the ancient Egyptian games represented on the walls of Beni-Hasssan. (Crowther, 22) The Spartans played a game that involved a circular field surrounded by a moat, called Platanistas, but apparently without a ball. The Greek game of Phainindia may have been played around a circle (Crowther, 24). A version of â€Å"Monkey i n the Middle† was played around a circle, unlike the modern version played across two sides. Clearly the geometric perfection of the circle had some influence on playing fields of ancient games, whereas in modern games only rectangles are employed. The game called ourania, also known as sky-ball, by the Greeks was likely also played by the Romans. According to research, the ball was thrown up in the air and the objective was for the players to catch it. In addition, there would be a circle within which the players would stand. However, if the ball came down within the circle it seems impossible for anyone not to catch it. Conversely, if the ball was thrown far outside the circle it would seem impossible that anyone could catch it at all. A thrown ball seems most improbable. Latin term for propelling a ball, expulsim, could apply

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