Friday, August 9, 2019

What insight does the theory of internal colonialism offer into the Essay

What insight does the theory of internal colonialism offer into the processes which led to the formation of the United Kingdom - Essay Example In addition, religion, language, ethnicity or another cultural factor may have set this internal colony apart and the members left out of government and other political processes. When the colonial period ended, the term was used for regions where sovereign government exploited the economically backward and ethnically unique. This paper examines the notion of internal colonialism, and how it brought about the creation of the United Kingdom. 2. The effects subjugated on the culture and society of the colonized members. This is quite apart from a result of natural mixing with the group. The colonizing group initiates a strategy to transform, constrain or obliterate native values, orientations, and the old way of life. 3. Successful colonization necessitates a relationship where people of the colonized group allow themselves, without continuous revolt, to be governed and supervised by the colonizers with regards to their ethnic position. 4. The practice of racism. It is a feature of social domination and exploitation by one group over another who is viewed as inferior or different with regards to certain biological features. Such a group is controlled, and oppressed socially and physically by the superior group Theories of internal colonialism are diverse and numerous attempts have been made to put them into perspective. In an effort to explain them, Robert J. Hind says that the theories give many reasons, descriptions and inferences and falsely assume a great deal of harmony among both the natives and colonizers. There is also a tendency to reduce the intricate social organization to simple terms. These theories overlook the fact that for capitalism to expand, colonialism is a necessary evil. Rodolfo Stavenhagen says that a certain degree of social polarization combined with disproportionate development is necessary for capitalism to further itself. Thus, internal colonialism that prevails in a number of nations

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