Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Pursa Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Pursa - Essay Example What can explain this drop in voter interest? It just might be that the educated masses of this country, among them the large middle class, are just tired of seeing new faces but no change in policy. Hence they decide that it does not make a difference, and it is better just not to vote. It matters not whether the elected Presidents are Republican or Democrat, they continue making the same noises and go through the same motions, when the truth is that the only needs that are being served are those of the capitalists and the corporations they own. Among the many critiques of democracy as a system of Government are that it just counts the number of votes, and does not weigh them. Thus the vote of a poor illiterate farmer would be equal in importance to that of a college educated graduate (Dahl, 1989, 12). Secondly, the corporations and the capitalists have so ruined the transparency of the system that it does not matter who gets elected to the Presidency, the funding of both participan ts ensures that the interests of the big corporations and their owners are kept uppermost. For all his rhetoric about change, President Obama has not managed to get us out of the financial crisis that has enveloped America due to the sub-prime mortgage fiasco and risk exposures that resulted in the collapse of Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch and others. Despite the bailout packages that rescued some banking institutions and the automobile industry in Detroit, the major loss was still to the American public who lost their homes, cars and jobs in an economic downturn that still persists. Unemployment is still at 9 percent in some States and public confidence at an all time low. The real problem lies in the system itself. If bankers can go on robbing the public through first making loans to clients with high default risks, pocketing fees and commissions in the

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