Monday, August 26, 2019

Critical Literature Review - Gender In Leadership Essay

Critical Literature Review - Gender In Leadership - Essay Example This study critically reviews literature on leadership ascendance, unravelling the myths of glass ceiling against women. This study begins with sentiments raised to demonstrate women in management can progress despite the environment they are working in, accompanied in the end by the arguments that claim the gender glass ceiling is a bigger force than thought. The case of Lebanese women leadership roles in the well established managerial sector has variously been referred to as a model to explain the situation. Increased effectiveness in senior management has been argued as a benefit of involvement of women in senior management (Huse and Nielsen, 2010, p136). Such observation can be supported by lack of conflict in women management and leadership styles. Strategic control measures are now being taken by many corporations to minimize leadership conflicts and enhance results. Only a few companies have however adopted such policies, with some arguing that management should be detached form positive discrimination. However in Aras and Crowther (2009, p160), an observation is made that management in the Lebanese corporate field is changing and has adopted equity in job allocation, based on merit and ability. The current information period in which the Lebanese managerial sector is operating brings the best management practices to the attention of business management. Women promotion is still not satisfactorily established bearing in mind that the cultural practices in the Lebanese community wil l continue to contest for popularity with globalization. Price (53) offers management and individual approaches that can be implemented or adopted to overcome the challenge pose by the glass ceiling to women in leadership. Women attitude on their roles in management is illustrated as a very strong force in the treatment that they face from their male counterparts. However, most of the

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