Sunday, August 11, 2019

Te Uku - wind farm project Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words - 1

Te Uku - wind farm project - Assignment Example Meridian has partnered with other firms to come up with an environmentally friendly project. Many critics are against the use of wind energy to produce electricity due to its environmental hazards. With partners such as WEL networks, Siemens NZ, NZ Cranes and Transdiled Services, the project has been executed to perfection. The project was accomplished in 2010 and all turbines started producing electricity within a period of one year. Distribution of the electricity is facilitated by WEL Networks which also distributes electricity from other sources such as hydroelectric dams. The project has earned several awards since it begun its construction based on location, production and mostly environmental conservation. The project has been considered as a major strategy in Zealand since it will lead to other minor projects. It has various benefits to the country which include political, economic, technological and social (Project TeUku Wind farm, 2006). With the stabilization in the energy sector, the country is prone to many developments since energy is New Zealands economic backbone. Its construction will also lead to building of a road network that will help in transportation of the farmers’ inputs and outputs. Project planning is important prior to the implementation of the suggested plans since it contributes to the implementation of the project. The plans range from the time used to implement the program to the way of construction of the turbines to the final preparations before electricity is produced. TeUku being a national project had undergone all the requirements to ensure that it was successful. The planning process consists of the timeline for the project, funding and review of the set opportunities. It also included highlighting the projects goals and objectives. The project began in 2010 where the first turbine foundations were

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