Friday, August 23, 2019

Strategic Marketing Management Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Strategic Marketing Management - Case Study Example HP should consider the use of sales team strategy for the individual customers where personal selling can be implemented. Basically, personal selling is face to face presentation of a product or idea to a potential customer by a representative of the organization (Lancaster & Reynolds, 1999). Through this strategy, the sales people try to influence the prospective customers to buy the products offered by the company. The important point to note is that personal selling means that there is a personal interaction between the sales representative and the buyer in contrast to the other forms of marketing communication where the audience can be very large such that personal contact is not possible. The objective of personal selling is to educate the customers, provide product usage assistance as well as after sales service and support (Strydom, 2004).There are various advantages of using the sales team strategy by HP since this immensely contributes to the high level of customer attention given that it involves face to face communication. It is possible to customize the message to the customer and the sales team will be better positioned to persuade the potential buyers to buy the products offered by the organization. Feedback can be provided immediately and this enhances customer satisfaction since the customers can get the much-needed assistance from the sales team. The other advantage of the sales team strategy is that it can assist in developing a long term relationship with the customer. Essentially, the purpose of business is to make profits and this can be attainable if the organisation has a solid base of loyal customers who can also influence the other potential customers to buy the products offered by the organisation. 3. Country versus global coverage of accounts should not short change the customers since they can seek an alternative to but the same products from the other competitors. For instance, the global prices of the same products offered by the o rganisation should be uniform as there will be likely chances of distrust

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